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Introducing Ericsson Connected Logistics Chain

In Focus

Case story

In this Last mile delivery trial we shipped and tracked the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final del…

Case story

Your company is dependent on timely and correct delivery of goods from a multitude of suppliers. Lack of predictability…

Case story

Your company is shipping different items to one or several locations. You want to timely and efficiently delivery to you…

Are you at the forefront of current and future logistics?

Connect once for easy and direct access to supply chain data from the whole ecosystem

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Connected Logistics Chain

Everything is a URL:

Access data at its source by linking to it

Publish & Subscribe:

Each actor is in control of their own published data and their subscriptions to other data

Semantics & Ontology:

Dictionary bridging dialects, enabling everyone to talk to everyone

Optimize your supply chain on the go:

  • You decide what to share, when and to whom
  • Always with the latest information available by linking data to its source
  • With actionable insights from increased visibility in your supply chain
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with digitization, without large, complex investments and keeping existing systems in place
  • Facilitating operational differentiation in, and between your partners in the supply chain