International IOT tracking between two warehouses in Europe

Case Study: Connected Box

Bluetooth Warehousing Case Study IOT Telecom Road

Thousands of shipments leave Ericsson supply warehouses on a weekly basis, on their way to different parts of the world with different logistics service providers handling the shipments.


With this trial we wanted to explore how CLC and IOT could benefit us in our global supply chain. This test case was about keeping track of a limited amount large international road shipments with multiple pallets per shipment by using Bluetooth tracking devices. One of our logistics partners was willing to support this trial and provided the IOT devices.


Connected Logistics Chain has the ability to link different data sources together to create more visibility in the supply chain.


In this scenario we installed several Bluetooth gateways in both warehouses. And because we are using Connected Logistics Chain in our own supply operations, the device vendor was able to send us the sensor data of these shipments through CLC. The combined view of Shipment data from one system and the device data from another external system is offered in a single window GUI to the responsible distribution managers.


The distribution managers were able to see in real time the combined result into one single view. It saves them time calling or emailing the forwarder to ask for location status updates on shipments. And it opened opportunities to continue with other supply optimization projects.

Key learnings

Placing and linking BT devices on all individual handling units (boxes) takes time. We also tried different ways of attaching the devices to the cardboard and the wooden boxes because we wanted to re-use the sensors for other shipments.



  • real time location information: it enabled our distribution managers to estimate the arrival of the shipments
  • being able to keep track of the individual handling units also after they have arrived. Here it is important to implement a solid return flow proces to make sure the IOT devices get returned for re-use.