Connected Logistics Chain

Ericsson’s Internet of Logistics solution for the supply chain industry

Everybody in logistics is connected, but not to each other

As mentioned on the Internet of Logistics page there is a real challenge in reaching connected supply chains on a global scale considering the number of parties and solutions involved.

“Our purpose at Ericsson: empowering a more intelligent and sustainable connected world. With Ericsson Connected Logistics Chain we want to break through the current silo's and inefficiencies and facilitate companies that want to share data across in the supply chain.”

Ericsson Connected Logistics Chain (CLC) offers a supply chain data exchange platform based on the Internet of Logistics concept. CLC enables everyone involved to share and receive needed information timely and accurately, in an open, collaborative manner:

  • Everything is a URL: your digital twin of the object you want to share data about, has a web address. The web address is used for the data linking;
  • Allowing for dialects: you and your business partners just need to agree what terminology(s) to use;
  • Publish and Subscribe: you publish the data you want to share and are in full control of who is getting that data;
  • Trusted Platform: CLC keeps your data secure and ensure that it can only be given to partners you grant access;
  • Industry wide federation of standards: CLC supports all data standards that are endorsed by the different transport associations.

With these concepts, your data can be enriched by your partners through simple API’s that any internet connected device could access, allowing a fast and effective digitization transformation in your Supply Chain. CLC facilitates many different logistics use cases for different types of cargo, different types of transport and in different types of industries. You remain 100% in charge and have full control over your data: you decide what to share, when and to whom and you can keep current systems in place.


Your benefits as a


End to end visibility of your supply chain; you can see where your shipments are based on the information that is linked by the other supply chain stakeholders. One system integration and then you are connected to all other Internet of Logistics players.


End to end real time visibility and control of all shipments. Digitalized information flow and digitalized communication with all your partner stakeholders by linking their data to your transports. Enabling forwarders to move from reactive damage control to proactive service delivery towards your customers, the shippers. One system integration and then you are connected to all other Internet of Logistics players.


Included in CLC

Have an integrated view that fits your busines

CLC let's you optimize your supply chain with actionable insights from increased visibility. Through available API’s it is easy to add all your partners and have a more complete E2E view on your supply chain. The data is richer (more visibility input) and real-time shared. You can add additional information such as IOT data with sensoring or positioning or other external data sources (STM, flight radar, etc.). This can also trigger geofencing based status updates such as departed and arrived. Because our system is fully API based, you can build your own apps and GUI's as well.

Location view

Access to default GUI

Connected Logistics Chain comes with a default GUI to get you started immediately. There would be a List View for all your published Logistics Objects, and an Issue Manager that based on customizable business rules will create alerts of unexpected events, catering for exception based actions. And because we are linking data to its source, you always have the latest information available.

issue list

Self onboarding

Connected Logistics Chain enable you to onboard your business partners fast and effectively by providing an Inbox functionality and well documented API’s and how-to. Also, there is an onboarding environment for you and your partners to verify the flow of data.

Supplier package


The offer:

  • Software as a Service
  • Supporting industry wide federation of standards
  • Access to API’s
  • Access to default GUI
  • Self-onboarding for you and your partners
  • Publish and subscribe management to control of your data
  • Application community with pre-integrated ecosystem partners
  • Allows you to build your own apps and GUI’s
  • Sandbox available to test
  • Apps available to test