Customer Case: Last Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery is a major element in Ericsson Supply chain in order to deliver radio equipment to sites in either urban or remote areas.

Customer Case: Last Mile Delivery

Customer Case Supply Chain Management Road

In this Last mile delivery trial we shipped and tracked the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination for selected shipments in the US.


The Last Mile Delivery usually has a number of complex characteristics. The delivery could be in a urban area, the hand-over needs to be coordinated with consignee, and the proof-of-delivery is of vital importance in order to invoice as quickly as possible.


Through the CLC we share the shipment information with our business partners. Our logistics business partners can add status updates to our shipments. The CLC Issue Management alerts us on deviations.


The Ericsson Driver App was used by the truckdrivers of our forwarding partner. With this app they were able to effectively communicate estimated time of arrival to the Consignee and report any un-expected delays.


At final destination the driver used the driver app for a Proof of Delivery signature.


As a result of this trial, Ericsson is exploring the options to work by exception management, lowering the end Customer impact greatly, and at a minimum, know before Customer knows. Through earlier POD receipt we can start the next step in the business process.

Key findings

  • Many of the deviations can be limited both in impact and occurance based on early alerts and facts of what is really happening.
  • Quite many deviations were already set to happen at an early stage such as address issues & availability, which could be prevented by better and earlier alignment.