Enabling data sharing and real-time tracking of your deliveries to your Customers


Use Case Warehousing Manufacturing Supply Chain Management

Your company is shipping different items to multiple locations and customers. You want to secure customer satisfaction, be timely informed on issues and inform customers on the supply status of their purchases.


The Connected Logistics Chain solution supports the digitization and optimization of logistic chains and supports outbound visibility for shippers, their customers and their logistic partners. 


You are interested in: 

  • Have information at hand on all your deliveries and reduce time spend on getting information on delivery statuses. 

  • Be alerted when deviations occur or expected events are executed 

  • Provide your sales and customers with accurate and timely information 

  • Get a more solid proof that delivery has happened 

  • Being more pro-active getting information from all your partners in real-time 

  • Be flexible to what logistic service provider to use 


Using the Internet of Logistics open standards, the Connected Logistics Chain solution provides a simplified way to exchange information in real time between all participants involved in delivering your goods to your customers. Giving you, your logistics partners and your customers real-time overview on the latest status and alerts regarding deviations or delays.


Information can be retrieved easily directly from any internet enabled source that is Internet of Logistics compliant, giving you access to a rich set of information in real-time. The solution correlates information from several sources across logistic hierarchies. Enabling you to get information from any participant in logistic chains, you can easily see what items are in what shipment, the latest ETA status or instantly receive a proof of delivery from the driver delivering at your customers’ door.


Connected Logistics Chain enables you to share data either through standardized API's into your own and your partners IT work environments or by using the Connected Logistics Chain or 3rd party user cloud and app services.

Also Supports

  • Usage of apps or other functions on mobile phones or fleet management systems used by any partner to provide status updates. A driver reporting a delay, a ground handler scanning a package and reporting a shipment leaving being loaded etc.  

  • Usage of IoT or barcode scans by you or any or your partners. A camera reporting a shipment leaving the gate, a customs clearance at the airport or a suppliers IoT device indicating heavy shocks or extreme temperatures etc. 

  • Registering delivery and pick-up from hand-over points between different transportation legs or carriers and in-between storage locations such as cross-docks. 

  • Providing the additional data to analyze re-occurring deviations so predefined or even automated pre-emptive actions can be taken 


  • Better customer experience through visibility and smooth handling of deliveries. 

  • Higher quality of proof of deliveries giving faster problem resolving and fewer disputes. 

  • Shorter time between delivery and invoicing reducing outstanding working capital days 

  • Reduction of manual activities, reducing costs and increasing accuracy. 

  • Higher flexibility to which and how many logistic service providers to use