Listing the various events where we will be present

January, 2020

The DTLF is a group of experts that brings together stakeholders from different transport and logistics communities, from both the private and the public sector, with a view to build a common vision and road map for digital transport and logistics. The DTLF also contributes to identifying needs for measures at EU level and supporting their development and implementation where relevant. For more details please visit here,

The IATA ONE Record Data Model Bootcamp#2 is the second meeting to work through the ONE Record data model. The released data model can be found on Github and the aim is to finalize the next release on this bootcamp.

March, 2020

​The World Cargo Symposium (WCS) is the largest and most prestigious annual event of its kind and the only one to bring together key stakeholders from the entire air cargo supply chain. Learn more about IATA Air Cargo now!

April, 2020

We will be presenting "Internet of Logistics: A New Opportunity for the Digitalization of Logistics" at the 8th Transport Research Arena TRA 2020 in Helsinki.

EU DTLF Subgroup 2 Meeting
IATA ONE Record Data Model Bootcamp#2
IATA World Cargo Symposium
TRA202 Helsinki